Hello all my kinky friends, just wanted to share I will be hosting Truth or Dare again this upcoming weekend on EE. I hope you can come and enjoy, in order to participate make sure you have an account on Enchantrix Empire. The rules are very simple make sure when completely a truth or dare that you follow TOS and be commenting on post or posting your dare results if instructed on EE. Some dares my have the optional choice to send the results directly to me but all truths should be answered through comments if they are to be counting. 

Will There Be A Reward?

For those that complete at least 50% participation in the event will be allowed one 5 minute custom audio from me. Winners will be contacted via either email if I have them or direct message on EE. So a real easy prize to win all you have to do is show up and have some fun! Looking forward to seeing all those that come out to play. Let’s make it a fun weekend of Truth or Dare!