Ready to put yourself in wicked tale about the ultimate tease and denial. Well strap yourself in and read on in this next stop on the Halloween blog train. 

You are a man of confidence, you would find yourself hard pressed to remember a time a woman told you no. In fact you are bold enough to assume no woman would deny you. Why would they? You got the looks, the masculine build, the dark dreamy eyes, and your package is very impressive. “I could have any woman” you chuckled to yourself as you drove down the highway, late that night. 

“No” you hear a sweet voice whisper in your ear.

In a panic you swerve and the car slides into a small ditch. Fortunately you are unharmed, and you leave the car to assess the damage. The tire is flat, glancing at your phone there is no service in the middle of no where. Because of this you start walking down the road thinking that you may have drank a little to much at the Halloween party after all. After some time you see lights up a head and what looks like a house. Upon getting closer you hear a melodic hum, as you approach the driveway. You see a woman sitting in a red dress on the porch petting a black cat. You are drawn in by her angelic looks, you start to think you have found more then just sanctuary.

She stops humming and looks up at you, her stare makes your cock jump. She smiles sweetly and you think to yourself this angel wouldn’t deny me. The woman in red stands adding to your excitement as she approaches you. The plunging v-neck of her dress stimulates your imagination. As images of you licking her perky full breast flash in your mind. Her hand lightly touches your shoulder as she whispers in your ear.

“I could smell your cocksureness miles away”.

Suddenly you feel stuck, and that voice sounds so familiar. You are only able to move once she grabs your hand and guides you into her home. Under her spell and your own curiosity it was easy for her to bring you into a mostly empty room. “Undress” she commanded, and you were eager to comply. “Into the bed” she throws out another command in which you do not hesitant to follow. She crawls into the bed next to you running her hands from your chest all the way down to your rock hard cock. Her touch making you whimper as she lightly strokes the shaft. Steadily she goes faster, and faster and she begins to hum once more. You start begging for release as she holds you at the edge longer then you have ever experience. Abruptly the humming stops followed by laughter.

“Never, you will live a life of total denial!”.

You awaken at home, your heart beating fast the woman’s last words ringing in your ear “Never, you will live a life of total denial”. Then you feel it, the sensation of your cock being stroked. You pull back the sheets to find yourself completely bare and no way to stop the feeling until its over and you are left with an overwhelming ache from balls you no longer have. You feel a wave a fear crash over you as you know your life of complete denial is just beginning. 

I hope you enjoyed my wicked little tale please check out the next stop on the Halloween blog train!