There are many reasons to eat your cum, so we are going to explore them! Eating your cum can seem delightful for some, and humiliating for others. So what category do you fall into?

It’s Convenient 

Some of you may not know this but my love for cum eaters developed way before I became a mistress. It happened six years ago when I was spending a weekend with one of my past partners. Little did I know it would be my first time meeting a cum eater! His room was a mess and I for one hate clutter, so I tidied it up while he was at work. Later in jest I joked about being grateful that I didn’t find a crusty cum sock under the bed. His response “Oh no I just eat it”. Of course I was a little stunned, thought he was joking and he definitely wasn’t. So I challenged him to do it for me and sure enough he devoured the whole load like it was nothing while I watched. 

He went on to explain since he lived with room-mates that eating his load was just more convenient then going to the making sure he had tissues, or dirtying a towel. Or making the awkward dash to the shower hoping no ones catches him. Either way it turned me on seeing him man up when other guys would easily shy away from such a thing. 

You Like The Taste

Some may eat your cum simple because it doesn’t taste bad at all. In fact I’ve gotten the pleasure of speaking to a lot of gentlemen that truly enjoy the savory taste of their own jizz. Some of you are addicted to it! Which I absolutely love! You know what you like and very unlikely to suffer from the post nut clarity that wanna be cum eaters endure. Because with out eating it, you don’t get the treat you wanted so badly. If you absolutely love the taste you will happily show off and play with it for me and for all of you that have already I thank you! 

You Eat Your Cum Cause It’s Naughty!

So obviously there is a aura of taboo around the thought of eating your cum for many. Which turns you on to the max doesn’t it? The idea that this jizz that you’ve produced shouldn’t be swallow by your own self. Doing so makes you feel naughty, just the idea of doing something so forbidden in your mind just pushes you to do it. You know I love to tease you for it. Taunting you about how others would be so shocked to know your naughty secret. Imagine what people would think if they knew your cock ached to produce a snack for yourself. 

To me now I don’t think it’s very taboo, but I guess looking back there was a reason I was shocked to find out guys eating cum was a thing. There was a reason it aroused me. Because it’s often rare to find a man willing to admit he will partake in tasting his own creation. 

Most Common You’re A Cum Slut!

So finally the one reason that is the most common in my experience is you’re a kinky cum slut. You love cum not for the taste, not for the convenience, and not just for the naughtiness. You are cum hungry little slut. Whether your a humiliation slut, or just I greedy slut you want cum. In your mouth, in your face, covering your body. You would swim in a pool of jizz if you could! Don’t ever change because you certainly are one of my favorite naughty playmates! 

So now that I’ve listed the most common reason to eat your cum, will you eat your cum for me? Is one of these reasons the reason you devour your load or perhaps there is another reason I didn’t mention? Please share in the comments below!