This one should be one of the easiest lessons we will go over. Although easy it’s arguably very important. As I will be taking into consideration how well you do with it throughout the year. So let’s dive into the importance of conversing as a lady and voice feminization tips! After you believe you have a good understanding, please refer to the assignment that will be posted up next.

Voice Feminization Sound More Femme! 

One of the biggest tips I can give you, and I’m sure I’ve said it before, is don’t go for high pitch. It’s awful for your vocal cords in general (without proper training), and it’s very unnecessary. Majority of women don’t have high pitch voices. A great read that touches on this would be a previous post by Ms. Olivia you can read here

The best tip going in is just to be relaxed, don’t rush yourself. Allow yourself to think differently, instead of saying the first thing that pops into your head, take a moment to decide how you are going to convey your thoughts out loud. Men tend to use more articles like “a, and the” to describe objects and “they/them” when talking about a person no matter their preferred pronouns, whereas women tend to use more pronouns, or proper nouns. Women will be more precise with their descriptions, whereas a man will often be vague or skip over details he deems not necessary. 

Learn to convey your tone. I do this and I’m sure a lot of women do, when speaking as a woman we often change our tones based on how we are feeling. If we are fine and content you can often hear the smile behind the voice. If someone is getting on our nerves you can take notice of the annoyance in our voice, and of course, when we are upset we do not bother masking the disdain in our voice. Unless we have to of course. Doing this will be touched upon in your assignment.  

Conversing As A Woman

There is the misconception that women talk too much. Well, I find often that is incredibly false and complete male propaganda. A woman when telling a story often provides context, and details needed so the listener can have a full understanding. Trust me I’ve attempted shortening up my stories only to be met with questions like “Oh so who is Debra, or why wasn’t their paper?”. The whole “women talk too much” comes from men who aren’t willing to listen to anything that’s longer than two minutes. 

So allow your mind to open up. If you’re used to telling a story about your first time wearing a dress, use as many details as you like. Allow your emotions of enjoyment, and excitement, maybe even the fear of getting caught be conveyed with your words. A big part of voice feminization can be mastered through this. 

Be the patient one. Maybe it’s how I was raised or maybe it’s the way I think as a woman but if someone is speaking with me I do wait for them to finish what they are saying. I don’t interrupt my boyfriend’s story about some stupid thing he did in high school. I listen and think about how I’m going to respond. The only time I may be impatient in a conversation is if someone was being rude. In which case be confident and speak your mind. Just because it’s proper to let one finish, it’s not an invitation to listen to someone insult you or someone else. 

Other Tips and Tools

So in putting this lesson together I really just wanted to focus on the basics for this one. However, I do know there is a need for a little extra sometimes. As you are very capable of reading and absorbing more. So I’m going to put down some references to other posts that go into this lesson. 

For starters, for those who really want to try to change their voice, start with some exercises, and listen to the tips I previously wrote about here. And then do the exercises from the following post as well, here

A terrific post written by Ms. Hunter provides a lot of information and even more tips to what was discussed up above. Check that one out here

Be sure to listen to the audio below, where I will be talking further about speaking more as a female. Then when you are ready move on to the assignment which is posted here.

Voice Feminization